Multisource Holography
Grace Kuo, Florian Schiffers, Douglas Lanman, Oliver Cossairt, and Nathan Matsuda
A major challenge in producing a high-quality holographic display is the amount of noise in the image introduced by speckle - interference between the uncontrolled light paths in the system. This concept by Grace Kuo optimizes a holograph for multiple, closely spaced laser sources that together average out some of this noise. The result is comparable to showing multiple holograms in quick succession and letting the eye average out the speckle, except this approach works in a single frame, and important capability for immersive displays.
Perspective-Correct VR Passthrough Without Reprojection
Grace Kuo, Eric Penner, Seth Moczydlowski, Douglas Lanman, and Nathan Matsuda
The passthrough cameras on VR headsets cannot possibly be in the same position as the user's actual eyes, so the view of the outside world shown the user always has the wrong perspective. Current headsets use a warping operation to try to move pixels to the perspective-correct location, but this doesn't work very well. Our paper introduces an optical approach to capture the perspective at the user’s eye, using an array of lenses with an aperture behind each lens that only pass only the light rays that would have gone into the eye. We presented this technical paper at SIGGRAPH 2023, along with live demos in the Emerging Technologies program, where we won Best in Show for the conference.
McDonald's - Twelve Year Old Me (ft. Karen X Cheng)
Director: José Norton
Agency: IW Group
Production Company: Picture North
VFX by: Nathan Matsuda
This Lunar New Years 2023 commercial for McDonald's is the first to feature Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) 3D captures, which were popularized on social media by the star of this spot, Karen X. Cheng. This visuals were provided by, but of course integrating this new technique into conventional shot footage required conventional visual effects, so my long-time collaborators at Picture North asked me to step in for preproduction consultation, post-production workflow development, compositing, and general problem solving.
Hands-On with Meta's New VR Headset Prototypes - Adam Savage's Tested
Presenter: Norm Chan
Featuring: Mark Zuckerberg, Douglas Lanman, Yang Zhao, Phil Guan, and Nathan Matsuda
In May 2022, Norm Chan from was the first media visitor to our normally-closed labs. Several of my colleagues and I showed Norm the prototypes we were working on and chatted about our work to more fully realize the potential of virtual reality display technology. In my section, I gave a demo of the Starburst project I'd led for the previous year and a half.
Realistic Luminance in VR
Nathan Matsuda*, Alexandre Chapiro*, Yang Zhao, Clinton Smith, Romain Bachy, and Douglas Lanman
VR headsets are quite dim compared to the real world, but just how much does this limit the immersiveness of VR experiences? We started to answer this complex question by conducting a user study using our 20,000 nit (about as bright as a 60W light bulb) Starburst VR headset that presents participants with a series of calibrated natural scenes at varying peak luminances. We found that people that people's luminance preferences are correlated with the true measured luminance of a scene, and that people innately pick luminances with satistically significant differences between indoor and outdoor scenes. These findings move our understanding of these luminance preferences beyond television and cinema settings, and into immersive VR, for the first time.
Enjoy The Silence
Creative Director: GMUNK
Production Company: Psyop
After designing and building our high dynamic range Starburst headset, we wanted to explore what a visual artist would use this expanded capability, and give people a more complete and exciting showcase of HDR VR capbilities. To do this, we turned to GMUNK, a widely accomplished artist working across photography, digital media, physical installations, and immersive experiences. Along with a small team of technical directors, GMUNK produced a series of three ambient audiovisual environments that walk the viewer through increasingly vivid sights and sounds. We brought this experience to the SIGGRAPH 2022 Emerging Technologies program, where it won best in show.
The Visual Turing Test
Director: Lake Buckley
Agency: SpecialGuest
Production Company: SpecialGuest
Featuring: Douglas Lanman, Phil Guan, Marina Zannoli, Andrew Maimone, and Nathan Matsuda
This video provides a quick summary of the work that my team at Meta, Display Systems Research, conducted in its first 4 years, under the direction of Douglas Lanman. Shot over the course of one weekend at our office in Redmond, WA, this spot showcases a number of the hardware prototypes we have built, including varifocal VR demonstrators, a distortion simulator for perceptual studies, diffractive viewing optics demonstrators, and the HDR VR demonstrator project that I led.
Mirror Lake Concept
Presenter: Michael Abrash
Mechanical Engineering: Ryan Ebert
Animation & Rendering: Nathan Matsuda
I worked on this concept as an internal direction-setting exercise with Doug, Ryan, and others on the team to think about how our individual projects would eventually come together. Michael Abrash presented the idea in conversation with Mark Zuckerberg during their opening remarks for the 2022 Inside The Lab review of our work.
Reverse Passthrough VR
Nathan Matsuda, Brian Wheelwright, Joel Hegland, and Douglas Lanman
With recent passthrough-enabled VR headsets it's possible to carry on a conversation with another person in the room while wearing a headset since you can see them and perceive all of the usual social cues like eye contact. The person does not get these cues, though, since your own face is blocked by the headset. After more than a year of rapid prototyping, we introduced the idea of showing the VR user's face with 3D displays on the front of the headset capable of showing a perspective-correct view of their eyes. I presented this while wearing the prototype at a series of pandemic-era virtual conferences starting with SIGGRAPH 2021 Emerging Technologies, then later at DCExpo Japan, Optica Frontiers in Optics, and finally with a technical paper at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021.
viz1090 ADSB Visualizer
Nathan Matsuda
This ongoing project displays air traffic information captured via software defined radio and dump1090 on a draggable map. While many more practical, full-featured versions of this exist, such as FlightAware, I wanted to make something that could run on relatively low-power embedded devices, like a Raspberry Pi, and focus mainly on the aesthetics of the software.
Oculus Connect 6
Presenter: Michael Abrash
Mechanical Engineering: Ryan Ebert
Production Company: Zoic
CG Supervisor: Dave Funston
Creative Director: Nathan Matsuda
Michael Abrash presented our team's ongoing work on varifocal VR displays at the annual Oculus Connect developer conference. I worked with my former colleagues at Zoic Studios to produce an animated sequence showing exploded view and functional depictions of the varifocal display pod the team developed. These animations were featured in Michael's keynote talk as well as a corresponding blog post. I also took the photographs of the prototype headsets shown throughout the presentation.
Paint The Eyes Softer: Mummy Portraits From Roman Egypt - The Block Museum of Art
Essi Rönkkö, Taco Terpstra, Kyle Engelmann, Nathan Matsuda, Oliver Cossairt, and Marc Walton
In the final few months of my time at Northwestern I had the opportunity to work with the Block Museum of Art on an exhibition showcasing new research on late Roman portrait mummies. The centerpiece of the exhibit was new tomographic reconstructions of the interior of a mummy from 100 CE, which we presented via an iPad-based AR app. I led the development of this app, working with intern Kyle Engelmann to optimize the heavy tomographic geometry for real time display, then then-new ARKit tools to overlay this model on the actual mummy when the app was used in the exhibition space.
Focal Surface Displays
Nathan Matsuda, Alexander Fix, and Douglas Lanman
My first project with Meta (then Oculus) began as part of the very first class of summer interns at the company. My manager, Douglas Lanman, was starting to looking at was to build headset display systems that support accommodation, or the human visual systems innate focusing mechanisms. One approach that we discussed, and that turned into this paper, was to vary the focus across the field of view by computationally creating a freeform lens and correcting for the distortions this surface produces on the image.
Doctor Strange - End Credits
Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky
VFX Supervisor: Matthew Crnich
Production Company: Sarofsky
Motion Designers: Andrez Aguayo, Brent Austin, Chris Beers, Patrick Coleman, Jon Jamison, Alex Kline, Zach Landua, Jeff McBride, Anthony Morrelle, Dan Tiffany, and Nathan Matsuda
This was a fun summer project where I did look development and compositing with the team at Sarofsky.
Surface Shape Studies Of The Art Of Paul Gauguin
Oliver Cossairt, Xiang Huang, Nathan Matsuda, Harriet Stratis, Mary Broadway, Jack Tumblin, Greg Bearman, Eric Doehne, Aggelos Katsaggelos, and Marc Walton
Some of the most interesting projects I was involved with in grad school were collaborations with Marc Walton's Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts at Northwestern. In this project, we looked at applying computational photography techniques to assist conservationists at the Art Institute of Chicago in evaluating Paul Gauigin block prints. In addition to this paper, some of these results were included in a Gaugin retrospective at the museum later that year.
Motion Contrast 3D Scanning
Nathan Matsuda, Mohit Gupta, and Oliver Cosairt
This was one of two main projects I worked on during grad school. The idea is that asynchronous event sensors, which fire off individual detection events asynchronously for each pixel on the sensor (rather than capturing an entire image of intensities at once), can optimally smaple a laser spot scanning around in a scene, the most well established way of doing 3D scanning. Conventional 3D scans of this type take minutes or hours to capture, whereas the lab prototype we build could complete one scan in a matter of milliseconds, enabling 3D video capture. On top of that, the approach was very robust to bright ambient light and reflective surfaces, both of which stymie other real-time 3D capture approaches.
The Modern Ocean - Preproduction VFX Test
Director: Shane Carruth
Production Company: VFX Legion
3D Graphics: Dave Funston
Compositing: Nathan Matsuda
After doing VFX on a short film starring Shane Carruth, the director reached out to brainstorm VFX for his upcoming (since shelved) project 'The Modern Ocean'. Along with my former Zoic colleague Dave Funston, I put together a couple of fully CG ship tests.
Once Upon A Time
Creative Director: Andrew Orloff
Production Company: Zoic
Compositing Supervisor: Nathan Matsuda
I spent several years of my life immersed in developing the fantastical characters and environments as compositing supervisor for the ABC show Once Upon A Time (and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy as a result). During the show run we pioneered virtual production techniques that are now commonplace, regularly delivering episodes with hundreds of shots on a two week cadence. At the time, this was the highest volume of VFX ever produced for a television series.
Creative Director: Andrew Orloff
Production Company: Zoic
Lead Compositor: Nathan Matsuda
ABC's remake of the alien invasion show V was the first big virtual production project at Zoic and my introduction to sequence supervision.
Car Crash Flashback Sequence - Fast & Furious
Production Company: Zoic
VFX Supervisor: Chris Jones
Compositing: Arthur Argote and Nathan Matsuda
My very first job after moving to LA was compositing on this hybrid flashback sequence showing a car crash unfolding around Vin Diesel, realized with a fully CG car.
PEA-PODs: Perceptual Evaluation of Algorithms for Power Optimization in XR Displays
Kenneth Chen, Thomas Wan, Nathan Matsuda, Ajit Ninan, Alexandre Chapiro, Qi Sun
Differentiable Deflectometric Eye Tracking
Tianfu Wang, Jiazhang Wang, Nathan Matsuda, Oliver Cossairt, and Florian Willomitzer
IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, 2024
Neural Étendue Expander for Ultra-Wide-Angle High-Fidelity Holographic Display
Ethan Tseng, Grace Kuo, Seung-Hwan Baek, Nathan Matsuda, Andrew Maimone, Florian Schiffers, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Qiang Fu, Wolfgang Heidrich, Douglas Lanman, and Felix Heide
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Multisource Holography
Grace Kuo, Florian Schiffers, Douglas Lanman, Oliver Cossairt, and Nathan Matsuda
Perceptually Adaptive Real-Time Tone Mapping
Taimoor Tariq, Nathan Matsuda, Eric Penner, Jerry Jia, Douglas Lanman, Ajit Ninan, and Alexandre Chapiro
Simultaneous Color Computer Generated Holography
Eric Markley, Nathan Matsuda, Florian Schiffers, Oliver Cossairt, and Grace Kuo
Perspective-correct VR Passthrough Without Reprojection
Grace Kuo, Eric Penner, Seth Moczydlowski, Alex Ching, Douglas Lanman, and Nathan Matsuda
Reprojection-free VR Passthrough
E-Tech Best In Show
Grace Kuo, Eric Penner, Seth Moczydlowski, Alex Ching, Douglas Lanman, and Nathan Matsuda
ACM SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies, 2023
Stochastic Light Field Holography
Florian Schiffers, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Nathan Matsuda, Grace Kuo, Ethan Tseng, Douglas Lanman, Felix Heide, and Oliver Cossairt
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Critical Flicker Frequency (CFF) at High Luminance Levels
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Realistic Luminance in VR
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Pupil-Aware Holography
Praneeth Chakravarthula, Seung-Hwan Baek, Florian Schiffers, Ethan Tseng, Grace Kuo, Andrew Maimone, Nathan Matsuda, Oliver Cossairt, Douglas Lanman, and Felix Heide
E-Tech Best In Show
Nathan Matsuda, Yang Zhao, Alexandre Chapiro, Clinton Smith, and Douglas Lanman
ACM SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies, 2022
VR Social Copresense with Light Field Displays
Nathan Matsuda, Brian Wheelwright, Joel Hegland, and Douglas Lanman
Reverse Pass-Through VR
DCExpo Special Prize
Nathan Matsuda, Brian Wheelwright, Joel Hegland, and Douglas Lanman
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VR Eye Tracking using Deflectometry
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High Dynamic Range Near-Eye displays
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Linear Systems Approach To Identifying Performance Bounds In Indirect Imaging
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Focal Surface Displays
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Integrated Dynamic 3D Imaging of Microbial Processes and Communities in Rhizosphere Environments: The Argonne Small Worlds Project
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Demo Runner-Up
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